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Working  together  
for One  Brooklyn Park



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About Nichole.

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Nichole Klonowski is stepping up as a leader in the Brooklyn Park Community and is running for election this November.

  • Vice-Chair of Planning Commission

  • Brooklyn Park Election Judge

  • Family History in Brooklyn Park Going Back to the 50’s

  • Professional Experience Building Consensus

  • Champion for Women in Community and Industry

  • Service on Non-Profit Boards and Volunteerism

  • Advocate for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Opportunity

  • Proud Union Family! 





Brooklyn Park is a one-of-a kind city, a wonderful place to live, and grow. I'm running for City Council to use my skills and experience to ensure we work together in building our future. I believe that women need to be represented in all levels of government and need to be at the table where decisions are made. As a mother and grandmother, and with years in social service work I have a unique perspective on what impacts our community and in how to build consensus.  

Nichole has the community, nonprofit, and business experience to continue to help make Brooklyn Park an inclusive and vibrant city.

Throughout my service in Brooklyn Park and in my career, I’ve learned that real leadership is built on two critical skills; listening, and rolling up your sleeves to do the work. I want to be elected to this seat to be a microphone for the community- to take the various perspectives I hear and find the common ground. We all want the same things; a safe place to live, a local government that works for our interests, and an opportunity to thrive.



Together we make
Brooklyn Park a Great Place

My priorities include strong public safety and transparency, protecting our environment and our excellent parks, supporting our business community, advocating for mental health resources and information, and ensuring Brooklyn Park residents have a voice. 


 Endorsed by

Brooklyn Park Mayor Lisa Jacobson

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Please consider how you can support my campaign. There are many ways to do that: whether it is a donation, hosting a backyard listening session with neighbors, sharing my message with other Brooklyn Park residents, door knocking/ literature dropping, or putting up a yard sign.


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